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ViralVideoSaver Twitter Video Downloader?

@ViralVideoSaver is a Twitter video downloader (online web app to download twitter videos and GIFs to your computer or mobile phone directly). Twitter videos and Twitter GIFs are embedded in the tweet, so to download twitter videos online, you need to copy the tweet URL/link and paste it in the above text box.

ViralVideoSaver Twitter video downloader will extract the twitter to mp4 link from the tweet and you can save twitter videos to your computer, android or iPhone. To download videos from Twiter to MP4 format, just follow the instruction given below.

How to Download Twitter videos online?

Using our Twitter video downloader, it is now easier for you to download twitter videos. Also, you do not have to worry about 'How to save videos from Twitter' because you can also save the video promptly after the video is downloaded.
Below we have come up with a few simple steps. Follow these simple steps to download twitter videos online.

  • 1. Open Twitter, and go to the tweet which contains the Twitter video you wish to download.
  • 2. Click on the share icon and copy the the link/url of the tweet containing the video.
    • Method 1: Click on the tweet, and copy the url from address bar of the browser.

    • Method 2: Copy click on the three dots(...), and click on "Copy link to Tweet"..

      Now right click on the tweet url and "Copy link address".

  • 3. Paste the Tweet link in the above input url box, and click on "Download" button.
  • 4. Your download is now available, feel choose the best format and size.